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Video Review of some of our open positions

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Here is a sample video we’ve just sent out to our members.  It’s video review of the trades we’re currently in.

We’ve already banked big profits on some of these positions, but some of them are yet to run…bigtime.

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  • Learn about bull flag formations – identifying the most powerful bull flag set-ups that give you a trading edge, where amateurs frequently fail
  • The Flush & Blastoff move – Zach’s proprietary trade entry signal where you will learn to identify where the financial institutions will step in to support a stock and take it higher – trade with the institutions on your side, not against them!
  • Learn about the bid-ask spread on options, and how we use it to generate even more profits
  • How to identify where the financial institutions are about to dump a stock so we can profit as the stock drops in price is ideal for new traders wanting to learn the ropes as well as more experienced traders wanting to ‘up’ their game.

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Trade Alerts: SQ, ORCL, KNOP

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Watch the sample trade alert below which we’ve issued today to members, and see 3 stocks we believe are going to move markedly higher in the coming days and weeks.  We trade options and so our members stand to make much bigger gains than buying the stocks themselves. This is ideal for those new to options as well as more experienced traders wanting to ‘up their game’.  As you’ll see from the video we keep things simple and straightforward, with no ambiguity in our analysis.

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