Getting started

Welcome to the Member’s section

The guides below will help you find your way around the site so you make the most of your membership benefits.

Watch the Video Tour of the site, and also read about the different Member sections of the site below.

The member’s section is split into 4 areas:

Trade Alerts Section
When a trade alert is issued, it will appear here in this section, both when entering and exiting a trade. In addition to the trade alert there may also be a short video on the trade setup to accompany it, though this sometimes may appear a few hours after the alert is issued. When trades are closed, alerts are posted, sometimes with a video analysing the trade to reinforce the original setup and accelerate your pace of learning… everybody remembers a good trade!

Open Positions page
Track current open positions here.

Tutorial Videos
This is the trading education section, where both new and not so new traders learn technical analysis and the different trade setups, in concise and straight to the point videos. Importantly there are basic videos to get new traders started, including how to get FREE access to stock charting using the same chart settings that I use and what all the features on a stock chart actually mean. In addition there are detailed videos on a variety of fascinating topics, ranging from explaining how options work and how we use them to profit, to how we can exploit the bid ask spread to our advantage.

All videos are short in duration – no time is wasted on stuff you don’t need to know, and the material is kept as simple as possible.

Videos are not posted daily but only when there is an actionable trade alert, or new material added to the trading tutorial section.

Zach’s forum
A discussion forum where you can talk about trade setups and hang out together with other members. This is also the means by which I can communicate with members throughout the day, or after the market closes and give informal updates and chat about trades. You can also ask questions here. This is an integral part of being a member of Trading with Zach, as members can support each other with the learning process.


Getting started tips for members

  • Watch the most recent trade alert videos to see what trades are currently open and monitor how they are playing out. Watch the previous trade alert videos that closed for profit, to get a feel for the type of trading we do.
  • Devote the time to go through the trading tutorial videos to learn all about stocks charting, how we profit from options and a whole trading education resource specifically on the they type of trading we do at Trading with Zach.
  • When you first open a trading account, start trading with a small amount only. It takes time to gain the confidence needed to trade consistently and successfully. See the Trader Rulebook section for more guidance on this.