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  • Get regular stock and option swing trade alerts – includes entry, exit and stop out alerts
  • Alerts typically include a ‘heads-up’ notification just before we enter or exit trades, so you can be ready to participate
  • See what stocks are about to run and why in our NO-NONSENSE concise analysis videos
  • Learn our simple yet powerful methods of technical analysis
  • See the stock levels the institutions are entering (hedge funds, investment banks and high frequency/algo trading systems) – trade with them ON YOUR SIDE
  • Learn to read stock charts like a pro
  • Learn trading risk management
  • Learn how to harness the power of options for much bigger profits

Access our Tutorial Video library and learn about:

  • Stock Charting – understand stock charts and what all those lines and colors mean.
  • Where to get FREE access to stock charting to get you started seeking out good trade setups
  • Learn how options work, and how we profit from them, week in, week out on our swing trades – you’ll be amazed how easy it is to understand
  • Learn about bull flag formations – identifying the most powerful bull flag set-ups that give you a trading edge, where amateurs frequently fail
  • The Flush & Blastoff move – Zach’s proprietary trade entry signal where you’ll learn to identify where the financial institutions will step in to support a stock and take it higher – trade with the institutions on your side, not against them!
  • Learn about the bid-ask spread on options and how to find hidden orders for cheaper entries and higher priced exits 
  • Learn how to enter a trade at the BID price, and exit at the ASK price for MAXIMUM profits (the opposite of what amateur traders do)
  • How to identify where the financial institutions are about to dump a stock so we can profit as the stock drops in price

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